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A large number of people suffer from allergies to gluten, nuts and lactose, making impossible for them to enjoy some ice creams on the market. Active lifestyle and healthy eating habits required changes in the ice cream industry. There are new ice cream manufacturers who do not crave for sudden earnings at the expense of low-content products. Keeping the population healthy and active should be the goal of every company producing food and nutrition. At present, there are only a handful of producers in the world producing ice cream without additives, stabilizers and preservatives.

Many modern-day producers are changing the milk base with soy, declaring this option to be more healthy. Soy in its original form is not usable for use, therefore all undesired properties are removed through various chemical processes. Because it is cheap for cultivation, it is used worldwide in the food industry as a substitute for more expensive ingredients. Most soy products, including soy milk, are genetically modified, causing long-lasting and yet insufficiently researched consequences for our health.

There are new ice cream manufacturers on the market, which guarantee that all ingredients are natural and that ice creams do not contain any harmful substances. Vegan ice creams contain no eggs, milk, dairy products or nuts and are suitable for a large circle of the population. In the case of ice cream, it is also important to check if it contains additives to extend the life of the product. At present, there are only a few certified producers in Europe that produce ice creams with no harmful substances.

Among the most important ones definitely worth looking for is a certificate that guarantees that the ice cream is made without genetically modified organisms “GMO-FREE”. At present, there are only a few ice cream manufacturers in Slovenia that have the certificate. The products are full of natural ingredients and rich flavors. The ingredients are of natural origin, which is guaranteed by the certificates obtained by the suppliers. A rich set of flavors offers refreshment for everyone.


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